About us

Bikerouting is there for everyone!

Our goal is to give each cycling enthusiast the opportunity to plan a personalized route or multi-day cycling trip through a new user-friendly route planner.

Every cycling enthusiast, even without planning experience, can rely on Bikerouting to plan a personal high-quality route using our routeplanner. On the one hand we provide existing qualitative routes, which you can adapt to your own preferences, such as changing the start and end location or adding a favorite bar to the route. On the other hand, you can configure the route planner of Bikerouting yourself so that with just a few clicks you can plan a tailor-made cycling route. Of course, as a more trained planner, you can also plan everything yourself in detail.

Are you inexperienced in planning routes? With only a few points on the map you can create a beautiful bicycle route. By setting personal route preferences, you can create a customized cycling tour with the least amount of effort. Choose the fastest route, a rural route, the most bicycle-friendly route via bicycle highways or (inter)national cycling routes. Simple and fast. Also check out our quality routes, selected for every type of cyclist.

Do you like to travel by bike? Then we provide a multi-day route planner that connects the different rides and allows you to book accommodation. On the route we also show all relevant facilities, such as public toilets, picnic areas, bakeries, stores, ... Everything is there to plan your own cycling trip.

Are you interested in working with us? Then be sure to mail [email protected].