How to attach additional luggage to your bike? 

Are your bags completely full? Do you have no room left to carry that last necessity? Then use some straps and attach your stuff directly on your bike. Thanks to these straps, you can securely tie additional cycling equipment in a wide variety of places. Of course, it is best to attach water-resistant equipment or make sure they can be transported in a plastic or iron casing.

You can tie everything secure to your bike with Restrap fast straps

You can of course also use a few strong rubber bands, but there are also specific bikepacking straps available on the market. These are of solid quality, are easy to assemble, very secure and relatively inexpensive. We list the main brands below. They differ mainly in length because they are all equal sturdy and solid.

The British brand Restrap has developed a set of three fast straps with different lengths (25, 45 and 65 cm). The straps are easy to put on so that your additional equipment is well attached to the bike. This is obviously very important for off-road trips.

Always go for waterproof materials to bind to your bike

The Americans from Sea To Summit also offer a straps system. These straps can be quickly released via a hook system and are easily adjustable. They are available in a width of 10 and 20 millimeters and in three different lengths (1, 1.5 and 2 meters).

Voile Straps, also a brand from the US, works via a "waist belt system". It is a sturdy belt that can also be stretched. You can also attach multiple straps together to tie down larger luggage. The buckle comes in both aluminum and nylon and the length varies from 30 to 75 cm.

Acepac, a Czech brand, has a tube wrap in its range that allows you to attach a spare tire. There is also room to put your tire levers away in here. Of course, you can also use it to tie up other things. But since the Velcro system provides only a limited range, this is not ideal.