Need power to charge your phone on a bike tour? Use a hub dynamo! 

We can't live without it, even on a bikepacking trip. Without a smartphone or GPS device you are not necessarily lost, but it is both practical and pleasant to take your smartphone along. Due to intensive use, you will need to charge your device regularly, and you won't find charging points just anywhere. Here's a handy tip: charge your smartphone, GPS device, Go Pro or powerbank while you cycle!

A hub dynamo gives only little resistance, weights little and is just very handy - source - cc

Everyone knows the classic technology of a dynamo. By friction with the tire, electricity can be generated to light up the front and rear lights. This "old" technique has, in its classic form, perfectly stood the test of time. Nowadays, you can use the generated electricity for other purposes as well. Very much needed electricity because the batteries of your smartphone and/or GPS device will not last for days. And you can't just charge up everywhere.

If you peddle intensely enough, you will always have enough electricy with a hub dynamo - source - cc

To make use of your effort, you can have a hub dynamo installed in your front wheel. This provides very little resistance but does add some weight to the bike. A hub dynamo provides alternating current that is converted to direct current by a USB converter. In order to ensure that the voltage does not constantly fluctuate due to differences in speed, there are also converters with a buffer. You can also charge a power bank while cycling, which you can use during breaks or at night to charge your smartphone or GPS.

The Cinq5 The Plug is the most known USB system - source - cc

The most famous USB system on the market is surely the Cinq5 The Plug or also known as Supernova. The latest 'V' version even has a built-in powerbank to intelligently pass on the right power to your connected device. The advantage of The Plug is that it is built into your stem. A Busch & Müller USB work system on the other hand is externally mounted.

With this technology you never have to look for charging points anymore, you can go out into nature and enjoy the peace and quiet.