What you need to consider if you want to use a bike trailer while traveling

You can mount many panniers to your bike, but infinite possibilities do not exist. When you want to increase your capacity, you can always opt for an additional bike trailer. Be aware, this means extra weight to carry. Especially when you want to load a bike trailer with even more"necessities" in addition to your panniers. Always try to think minimalist while packing: do I really need this or that? But, if you prefer the bike trailer over panniers, some set-ups might be lighter!

A handy unicycle at the back of your touring bike - source - cc

A bike trailer is therefore mainly interesting for family cycling vacations or for taking your favorite pet with you. Additional luggage can always be stored in a trailer, but don't let that be an excuse to bring unnecessary items. Keep looking for the most minimalist set-up. 

A bike trailer is also used to combine bikepacking with other outdoor hobbies such as hiking, climbing, canoeing, fishing, etc. You can then easily strap specific equipment to the back of your bike. Above all, a bike trailer is also handy for everyday use. You can use it to run errands on your bike or for short one-day cycling trips.

When the surface becomes more difficult, and offers more obstacles, a bike trailer is not always handy. Especially on a winding trail with small passages. The more adventurous, the harder it is to use a trailer. Our route planner, however, makes it easy to choose routes that are easy to ride, so you can enjoy a family cycling vacation in comfort. 

You can combine a bike trailer with panniers, but of course the weight will increase - source - cc

There are different types of trailers for mounting on the back of your bike. An important distinction is made between one-wheel trailers and two-wheel trailers. A one-wheel trailer has more maneuverability, is lighter, more compact, narrower and has lower rolling resistance. They are mainly used to carry additional luggage or as a replacement for panniers. Therefore, the one-wheeler is not really comfortable to take your toddler or dog on a trip.

A bicycle trailer with two wheels, on the other hand, is ideal for taking your kids on a cycling vacation. It brings more comfort and stability to the passengers. It also has more space because of its wider size. However, it is not meant to be used for many off-road tracks. After all, this cart is not that maneuverable and therefore will not really be able to get you easy through single tracks.

Bicycle trailers can be attached to the bicycle in two ways: via the rear axle or via the seat post. Both systems work perfectly, but they do cause the bike trailer to react differently while steering. Because the bike trailer rotates at the level of the saddle when it is attached to the seat post, it is easier to steer when taking sharp turns. However, this does mean that you cut corners. Not always useful in more adventurous terrain, where mounting to the rear axle is preferable.