8 essential snacks for bikepackers

It is important to eat and drink enough during a cycling vacation. After all, you are cycling for almost the entire day and you can't do that without sufficient energy. It is important to have a good breakfast, lunch and dinner, but also to eat enough snacks while cycling. Below we make a list of 8 essential snacks for the road:

A tasteful and nutritious granolabar for the road - source - cc

  • Chocolate milk is a cheap and easy to find recovery drink for after great efforts. Ideal to consume after a day of cycling and it's tasty too. It contains proteins, carbohydrates, fluids, some vitamins and minerals. Several brands have a specific recovery drink on the market. Ideally, you should consume it half an hour after the effort.

  • Granola bars are very nutritious and give you enough strength to keep cycling throughout the day. The big advantage is that you can simply make them yourself. This is usually cheaper, but you can also compose the bars yourself. To get you started, you'll find dozens of recipes online. You then simply adapt these to your own needs.

  • Chips and/or tortilla chips are a nice snack, but also give enough energy on a cycling vacation. Moreover, it is a welcome change from other sweet snacks. To transport them, it is best to crush the chips into small pieces beforehand. This way you can eat them on the road with relative ease.

  • You can take all kinds of cookies with you on a cycling vacation. If possible, choose cookies with chocolate, because they give additional strength. This is not always possible because nothing is worse than a melted chocolate cake. Moreover, you lose a lot of the chocolate. You can therefore choose a dry cookie such as gingerbread (with sugar), different cakes or pastries, ... Interesting is to choose a cake with chocolate filling. This chocolate will not melt and stick to the package. In this way you are able to consume extra energy, because chocolate is as such an interesting snack while on the road.

  • Besides homemade bars, there is also a huge range of sports bars, specifically aimed at endurance athletes. On a cycling vacation, you will be exercising for a large part of the day, and you can use such bars to get enough energy while cycling. Several specialized brands have many types and flavors for sale.

  • If you want a more savory snack, you should choose a dried sausage. These are easy to transport, store and are also simply delicious. There are also many types of sausages, so you can vary throughout the cycling tour.

  • If you prefer not to eat meat while cycling, choose cheese. It's easy to take with you, especially the hard cheeses. Here too there are many flavors to choose from. It is best to choose a young low-fat cheese. These are easier to digest and do not cause a heavy stomach. Something you'd rather avoid anyway. There are also several cheese-based snacks you can try.

  • Nuts and dried fruit remain a tasty and nutritious snack. Easy to store and just delicious. Especially to replenish the energy level after exercise because it contains a lot of protein, which is important for muscle recovery.