Why you better invest in a maintenance stand for your bike!

To make it easier to maintain, repair or mount your bike, it is useful to invest in a mounting or repair stand. It is not always easy to convince yourself to keep your bike in order. Especially after a nice but tiring ride and the prospect of cleaning  and maintaining your bike. By purchasing a stand you lower the threshold for taking good care of your bike and maintaining it. This way the material lasts longer and you cycle every ride with a smoothly running bike.

A tripod system is a handy way to better maintain your bike - source - cc

It is also important to work on your bike and acquire the necessary knowledge. After all, on cycling vacation you often have to rely on your own knowledge when problems arise with your bike. Moreover, this saves you time and money, which you can then invest in your bike or a nice bikepacking trip. Conclusion: a win-win situation and therefore an excellent investment.

In general, there are two types of bike stands: a clamp system and "euro" or race style stands. The latter secures your bike at the bottom of the bottom bracket and supports the front fork, so that the bike is fixed horizontally and at an appropriate height. A clamping system, on the other hand, grips the bike by its top tube. Both systems are more or less the same, although a "euro system" allows you to rotate and position the bike during maintenance. Most of all, in both cases, it is preferable to choose a tripod for more stability while working on your bike.

If you are handy enough, you can also come up with your own DIY solution. After all, you can mount suspension chains in your garage or work space. Several brands have also designed bike elevators to store your bike in the air. At a good height you can then also use these elevators for maintenance. However, this suspension technique is not always convenient as the bike can still move when you are working.