Which type of smartphone holder for cycling?

Smartphones are developing at a rapid pace and are getting more and more features so that all the tools for everyday life can be found in one device. Navigation capabilities are already well established in smartphones. A handy tool for navigating while cycling, and by extension during a cycling vacation.

A very simple phone holder - source - cc

The big disadvantage, however, is that this functionality eats up a lot of battery power, so you need to find a solution for this. You can install a hub dynamo or take a power bank with you. Make sure you can recharge your powerbank at a bar or restaurant.

If you choose to navigate using your smartphone, it is important that it is also securely attached to the handlebar in a comfortable manner. You also want your smartphone to be protected from the weather, but also in case you might fall or bump into something.

As always, there are different ways to secure your device on your bike in a safe and secure way. Some top tube bags also provide a transparent place on top of the bag to store your cell phone. An example of this is the Blackburn Local Plus Top Tube Bag. This can be practical, as it means you don't take up additional space on the handlebars, and you take additional storage space, for snacks for example, along the way.

With good navigation you will be on time to watch the sun go down - source - cc

Other more specialized brands opt for real cell phone holders, where there are different ways of working. There are brands such as Quad Lock, Topeak or Rockform that opt for a turn-and-click system via a specific smartphone case. Other brands such as Vibrelli, Team Obsidian or ROAM opt for a silicone holder where you insert your smartphone. The advantage is that you do not need to buy a specific case, and due to the flexibility of the material, it is made for different phone sizes.

An interesting newer cell phone holder is the 'Loop Mount'. This somewhat more expensive solution will always remain anonymous and compact on your handlebar until you need navigation. Then you can simply flip it open and attach your smartphone. Very easy and convenient.