How to brave the cold winter on a bicycle?

Winter miles, summer smiles is an important law in cycling. Indeed, by not stop training in winter, summer rides become a lot more pleasant. But that is easier said than done. It is not always pleasant to go cycling in winter. It often takes sheer willpower to get out on that cold, gray Sunday. However, there are several tips to make cycling during a cold winter ride a lot more pleasant and especially warmer. That's what this article focuses on.

Pauzing in the winter sun after hours on the bike - source - cc

The most important tip is of course to put on enough clothing and to work with several thin compact layers. This way you can choose how many layers are needed for the weather conditions. If the sun suddenly comes through, you can even take off a layer. Each layer of clothing has a separate function: absorbing sweat, keeping warm and repelling external conditions.

 The first layer is important. For this you should wear a moisture-regulating baselayer that ensures good regulation of perspiration so that the sweater does not feel damp and therefore cold. It is also often light and fits closely to your body. Then come the layers that have to warm you up on the bike. For this you can choose jerseys that feel comfortable and fit well together. For example, you can choose a light, long-sleeved thermal shirt with a cycling jersey on top. If you choose a jersey with short sleeves, you can also always put on arm warmers. The advantage is that you can take them off and put them away more easily during the ride.

Keep yourself warm both on and off the bike - source - cc

To protect yourself from the weather elements, it is best to wear a top layer. It is especially important to protect you against cold wind and rain. For wind, it's best to wear a windproof jacket with long sleeves that fits nicely with your biking pants and gloves. If you are not sure that you are dressed warm enough, put on an extra layer to be sure, because you can take it off at any time during the ride. As cycling pants, it is best to choose long (slightly thicker) pants, or use leg warmers in combination with summer shorts.

 On the bike you expose yourself strongly to the cold temperatures of winter. Important body parts to keep warm are of course the hands and feet. Nobody likes to cycle with almost frozen toes or fingers. Therefore, it is a must to wear gloves, but also to choose shoe covers. These are windproof 'socks' that you wear over your cycling shoes, and which match your cycling pants. These shoe covers will greatly increase your comfort on the bike during the cold winter months.

Shoe covers and legwarmers are definitely a good idea in winter!
To keep your head warm, a buff around the neck and a bandana under the helmet are indispensable. Both items of clothing are best worn tightly, but comfortably, under your helmet, so they stay in place. Goggles can do wonders on windy rides to protect your eyes and keep them from watering while riding. As the sun shines less brightly, it is interesting to use ordinary transparent glasses.