Refreshing grapefruit smoothie

After a long bike ride you can long for the perfect thirst-quenching drink. Search no more, we have found the perfect drink! This non-alcoholic drink combines the perfect taste combination for your thirst with the numerous health benefits of grapefruit.

Grapefruit, lime, gingerale, elderflower syrup and mint.

Grapefruits are part of the citrus family. Just like those oranges, lemons and limes which are known to be refreshing and cleansing, grapefruits can be really thirst-quenching. After a solid bike ride a perfect fruit to use in your drink.

After any sports activity it is imperative to rehydrate. This drink combines this with numerous other health benefits. Grapefruits contain a lot of vitamin C, one piece of grapefruit can contain up to half of an adults' daily vitamin C needs. Beside vitamin C, grapefruit also contains calcium, magnesium, vitamin A and several other minerals.

Ingredients (per drink):

  • Grapefruit juice - 10 centilitres
  • Elderflower syrup - 1 centilitre (or sugar, honey or another kind of syrup)
  • Gingerale - 10 centilitres
  • Lime (juice) - 1/4 of a lime
  • Fresh mint
  • Crushed ice


  • Crush the ice and half of the fresh mint 
  • Add the grapefruit juice (either freshly squeezed or store bought)
  • Add the gingerale; same amount as the grapefruit juice
  • Add elderflower syrup, you can use any kind of syrup or even sugar or honey 
  • Stir all the ingredients 
  • Add a quarter of a freshly squeezed lime 
  • Finish with rest of the mint as garnish