West Flemish Hilly Route (Belgium)

We are in the beautiful Heuvelland region in Belgium. The name of this  municipality says it all: it's quite hilly here. This region is beautiful to cycle through, although you have to conquer some altitudes, but the numerous views are definitely worth the effort. The roads are good and quiet for cycling. The region brings back many memories of the First World War, but the Cold War is also present here with the bunker under the Kemmelberg. Definitely a must to visit once.

We start the cycling route in the village of Kemmel, the center of the Heuvelland. We first head north to Voormezele and the Palingbeek. After passing Wijtschate, we arrive in Mesen and drive via Wulvergem and Nieuwkerke to Dranouter, known among other things for its folk festival. We don't ride straight back to Kemmel, but make a little detour along Westouter, a picturesque little village. Then we will cycle back along the Kemmelberg to Kemmel itself.

Practical information

 Starting point and parking lot:

  • Sint-Laurentiusplein 1, 8956 Kemmel

How do you cycle the route? The route is signposted with the red hexagonal junction signs with the name of the route on.

Length: 45 km

Altimeters: 400 meters

Many thanks to Westtour!