From Ghent to Waasland (Belgium)

The starting point is the municipality of Sint-Amandsberg in Ghent. The cycling route starts in the heart of this municipality next to the well-known Santo Campo, where the most famous citizens of Ghent are buried. An impressive cemetery. The city hall is also a beautiful building. Be sure to walk around in this beautiful town!

We leave the city to the north, passing by Oostakker (also a part of the city of Ghent). A few long straight roads take us past Zaffelare and soon we're in a beautiful piece of nature, looking a bit like a polder landscape with long lanes as we can find a few kilometers to the north in Sealand (The Netherlands). We then quickly reach the Moervaart, a canal that connects the port of Ghent with several villages in the Waasland region. If you keep following this canal you'll "almost" reach Antwerpen. Just past the village of Moerbeke, we turn right to the South to return to Ghent via villages such as Eksaarde, Doorslaar and Zeveneken and Lochristi. The roads between Eksaarde and Doorslaar are beautiful. Little winding roads between fruit orchards. It sometimes looks like Haspengouw (region in Belgium), but without the hills.

Practical information

 Starting point and parking lot:

  • Antwerpsesteenweg 249, 9040 Gent

How do you cycle the route? This route is not signposted, soit is best to download the gpx file for your GPS. You can also simply print outthe route.

Length: 51 km

Altimeters: 10 meters