4 cycling loops from Leuven!

Leuven is the cycling city par excellence: compact, cosy, and all the sights are within cycling distance of each other; it’s the ideal mode of transport for exploring the city and soaking up the ambience. But also for exploring the wider region because you’ll find a special, green, rural region beyond the city’s walls where there is so much to discover.

The cycling loops in this article each go in a different direction and take you to the most beautiful parts of the region. Will you opt to ride to the magnificent Horst Castle or will you glide gracefully through a green valley to the Warande Park and the Africa Museum in Tervuren? And why not go to Werchter, the home of the country’s largest music festival and the Rock Werchter X Experience Centre? Perhaps you’d rather disappear into the green heart? Then just dive into the Heverlee Woods and Meerdaal Forest.

The cycling loops were develop by VisitLeuven. Go check their brochure as well!

The tastes of the Hageland - 39 km

The Hageland, a hilly, green region where the vines catch the sun on the southern slopes, lies to the east of Leuven. You pedal all the way to the gates of the sturdy moated castle of Horst. Along the way, you can virtually taste the sacred tranquillity of the beautiful Vlierbeek Abbey, and actually taste the delicious beers and the authentic Hageland wine.

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The abbey of Vlierbeek is a beautiful oasis close to Leuven.

About rock gods and other saints - 36 km

The car-free towpath along the Leuven-Dijle Canal leads you away from the city, to one incredible stop after another. You can expect to uncover a piece of rock ‘n’ roll history, the life of Father Damien, and an impressive medieval castle keep.

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The medievel castle keep of Ter Heyden.

Alluring Voer - 47 km

The river De Voer takes you on a trip along princely castles, a thousand-year-old church with an imperial secret, ducal hunting grounds, and a royal museum of Africa. A surprisingly green tour with noble allure.

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The peaceful parc of Tervuren.

Dive into the forest pool - 31 km

Escape the city and get lost in the forest. Just outside Leuven, you can disappear completely into the green mists of the Heverlee Woods and Meerdaal Forest. Along the way, you will find inviting sidewalk cafés, a play area with the craziest climbing and clambering equipment, and the most beautiful abbey site in the Low Countries.

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The Arenberg castle, which is now a campus of the University of Leuven.